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Fruittastic Whipped Body Butter

Fruittastic Whipped Body Butter

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Moore Organic Beauty's New Fruittastic Whipped Body Butter! A sweet and delicious blend of grapefruit, pineapple, strawberry, and lemon sugar will have your skin smelling like juicy fruit, but your skin will be soft, glowing, and lustrous! Our formula consists of nourishing and high-quality ingredients such as raw and unrefined Shea, Mango, Murumuru butter, Jojoba and Grapeseed oil, Vitamin E Oil, Arrowroot Powder, Natural Mica, and Fragrance Oils.

All ingredient benefits are listed below:


Shea: Helps treat acne and blemishes, reduces skin inflammation, aids in anti-aging, restores elasticity, provides relief for itch and flaky skin, and reduces stretch marks

Mango: Rich in vitamins A+C, boosts immunity; non-comedogenic, reduces wrinkles, protects from ultraviolet rays (UV), aids in healing eczema and Psoriasis, and is best for sensitive skin

Murumuru: Rich in vitamins A+C, an excellent emollient that does not clog pores, aids in healing eczema, reduces wrinkles, and is best for sensitive skin

Jojoba: Naturally rich in Vitamin E, improves skin barrier, soothes dry skin, aids with treating acne, aids in anti-aging, protects from UV rays

Grape seed: Naturally rich in Vitamin E, evens skin tone; protects from UV rays; improves skin elasticity and softness, and aids with treating acne

Arrowroot powder: Absorbs oils and promotes natural healing as it penetrates the skin  

Vitamin E oil:  Restores skins hydration, boosts blood circulation and generates new skin cells, soothes and heals damaged skin, and aids in anti-aging


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